Below are photos of CongoCoons active Breeding Maine Coon Studs.

Through very high selection we have brought together a stud lineup un-equaled in quality!
Strong European Lines, mixed with Very Healthy American influence gives us genetic diversity that is a force to be reckoned with!

We have retired a few studs, and kept back some outstanding young boys, one notch better than their parents!
We are on a continuous effort to improve the CongoCoons Look!

He brings lines to our Rumble, Battle Boar, Bush Boar, Storm Surge, Cooncity Rafiki, Steppenwolf,
and through Koontopia, we have Koontopia's Samboro, Quill, Hendrix, Jagger, Zeppelin, and Aerosmith just to name a few of the fantastick lines.
Thankyou Teresa for this handsome fellow, what a wonderful gift!

Our future poly toed stud from Lemon Shark x Bonefinch!
Shown Below At 10 Weeks

Chaos at 5 months

Dragon at 6 mo.

Lemon Shark above Thanksgiving '22 at 5 years old

"Lemon Shark" is our Red Smoke son of "Devil's Bane"

A couple of our pet boys!

"Hammerhead" Thanksgiving '22

Bush Boar in 2020 out of our two Russian Imports "Rajana" and "Russian Boar"

"Bane" in 2020

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