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CongoCoon Maine Coon Cat Cattery
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CongoCoon where we value the "Wild Look"

picture of two maine coon cats laying with a swamp background.

Pictured in photo above are Maine Coons
Champion Congo Safari of Cooncity and Premier Maine Coon Congocoons Rock Python

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If your Maine Coon cat's registration paper doesn't have Congocoons in front of its name its NOT a CongoCoon Maine Coon Cat!
For 18 years we have been working to develop our Maine Coon "type" now recognized Worldwide!

Here is the ONLY place you can get a true CongoCoon Maine Coon!

Our ideal maine coon, is a large, tall eared,heavily lynx tipped cat that looks out of place on your coffee table!
If that is the same Maine Coon cat you have in mind, then you have come to the right cattery!

picture of a silver tabby maine coon at 11 months old

We have many folks ask "Who does our website, and who takes pictures of our maine coons?"
I do the website and take the photos.
I use a Pentax SLR camera and try to take most of the pictures outside, as they come out much clearer.
If I take them inside, I use a Canon SLR and studio lighting.
If you visit our home, you will see the stump where I take maine coon kitten photos just off the kitten room deck in the front yard.
I also drape material on and behind that stump if a solid color background is desired when the maine coon kitten is a light color.
Newborns I generally just take out of the maine coon nursery onto our back deck where the light is bright, and take a picture of them in my hand.
Those in hand shots are a lot easier than trying to get a maine coon kitten who's eyes arent open yet to look a certain way : )

picture of a blue silver tabby male 7 month old maine coon

Please Visit Our Maine Coon Kittens Available Page - Updated Weekly!
Although we do not take deposits, we will gladly Reserve the Maine Coon Kitten of your choice!

brown tabby maine coon from congocoon cattery laying on rock

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picture of our cattery of excellence award

picture of our cattery of excellence award

picture of our cattery of excellence award

picture of our cattery of excellence award

picture of our cattery of excellence award

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mitzi with champion white maine coon cat at a cat show

We are located in Stevenson Alabama
Which is in the very upper North-East corner of the state
45 Miles west of Chattanooga Tennessee




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