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Photos of any kittens available will be pictured below!

If you are interested in one of the kittens pictured below please

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Be sure to tell us what in particular you are looking for, and where you are located in your email.
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PLEASE EMAIL instead of phoning if possible.
We get many many contacts a week.
It is much easier for us to "attempt" to keep them straight, if we can refer back to a written email!

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I'M MAD!.... Its No Laughing Matter!


We often hear this, please read the info below!

Our heavy kitten season begins around April. In Winter and early Spring we have very few kittens to choose from.
Later we should have two or three litters at one time, and of course, more variety of babies.

We do NOT keep a "Waiting List"

The best advice we have for getting first chance at a kitten, is to email the same email each week. Be specific in the email and Subject.
For instance, if you are in Virginia and want only a brown male, put in Subject Line "Brown Male Virginia".
If I am about to post photos of the new litter, I will often go back as much as two weeks into email inquiries.
If you happen to email me within those past two weeks, and I am about to post a "Brown Male", I will email you.
I will give you a "heads up" that a new litter was just posted to the website.
It will be up to you to contact me if you are wanting to reserve one of the kittens posted. I do not email pictures but post them to the website.

People often email and then unfortunately miss out because they are uncertain if the kitten is the one for them.
We DO want our kittens to go into the "Perfect" home, but please be aware, that if you are wavering on reserving one,
someone else may be emailing me at the same time with an adamant "I WANT THAT KITTEN!"

Once a kittens photo is posted here as available, It can be Reserved, unless it has yet to be vet checked!
Kittens can generally go after they have received their first innoculation.

Pet Kittens ~ Females $600-$1200 ~ Males $800-$1600
We do occasionally sell kittens with breeding rights.
We do not sell kittens overseas, we will occasionally trade with an overseas breeder for outcross lines.

Visit our page below!


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Check back for updates and photos!

Remember to email instead of phoning as it easier for us to sort out the inquiries!
Many times folks call and leave a message and I think I just sent them an email, and dont return their call.
So please, emails preferred! Thankyou : )


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If button does not work please email

Phone 256-437-8429

Pet Kittens ~ Females $600-$1200 ~ Males $800-$1600
Shipping is $400, We do not ship to Canada or Sell out of the Country.

Please be respectful and DO NOT Reserve a kitten unless you fully intend to purchase.
Discuss with other family members before asking your name be put on a kitten.
We try to be considerate, and not demand deposits in leiu of reservations being placed on a kitten.
We only ask in return, that you are POSITIVE you are following through on the purchase,
and refrain from the impropriety of contacting us the day before picking up, that you are not.

Our kittens now come with a complimentary 30 day health insurance coverage from TRUPANION!
We urge everyone to continue the insurance coverage through the life of the cat.
You can choose from many plans, with different deductibles and coverage.
TRUPANION was recommended by our vet as the best they had encountered which their customers used.
We are proud to be a Trupanion Partner!

"Crusader" now living at IronClaws in Canada, is out of Werewolf and Cave Cricket
We have just welcomed a beautiful daughter of his, photos coming soon!

UPDATE! 4/9/2015
Our 'HEAVY KITTEN SEASON' is about to begin!
We have a few ladies in the nursery expecting, and others breeding.
Please check back late April/May for info!

APRIL 9 ,2015
New Litters On the Ground!
Here is a peek of what was just born!

Lots and Lots of Brown Tabbies, with and without White
A Few Brown Patched Females some poly
A Few Blue/High Whites M & F
We will post photos around Mid May, check back for updates!
None can be Reserved until they are older!


We want to offer a sincere 'Thankyou' to all who have joined our CongoCoon Family this past year,
and opened their home to one of our babies!
We have met some wonderful people and made many, many new friends in 2014.
We hope 2015 will be a good year, and look forward to producing some outstanding Maine Coons!

We have had a small winter break, with new kittens now on the ground.
We will resume answering email inquiries around Mid-January, with kittens available beginning February.

And do stay tuned for updates on the projects we have been undertaking through this winter.
With new enclosures, a pheasant-peacock pen, pergolas added, along with extras, things look a bit different!

We have been busy adding to our Cattery Compound!
Just a quick peek of what we have been up to is pictured above!
Photo taken 2/9/15

Featured in CAT FANCY- April 2013!

Again Featured in CAT FANCY Magazine!

Featured in CATS USA 2015 ANNUAL!

We do not ship to Canada, Direct Canadian Inquires to "IronClaws"
picture for ironclaws cattery in canada


Once a kittens photo is posted here as available, It can be Reserved.


Kittens are using a litter box by five weeks of age, and have playpens in the Kitten Room adjacent to our den once they begin to toddle around.
When you come to get your kitten, he will be freshly groomed, and taken to the Cub Cabin for pick up.
Kittens are not housed in the Cub Cabin, it is for pick-up only.

Once you have RESERVED a kitten, you can rest assured no strangers will be handling your baby!

Kittens are wormed at 3 and 5 weeks of age, and are given their first innoculation at 6 weeks of age. Kittens are vet checked at around 7 weeks of age.
We give a 1 year health guarantee (death due to congenital defect) and an 8 week FIP guarantee.
You receive CFA Pet Registration Papers upon pick-up. Pedigrees are not given with kittens, but you can purchase one from CFA.

There are usually a number of adult cats available for viewing in the cattey garden, so you can see what your kitten may develop into!

Below is a picture sent to me by his owner, What a CAT!

Below is a beautiful picture taken of one of our kittens, and sent to us by his owner.
He is a poly-toed boy out of Koontopia's Warkite x CongoCoons Watersnake.
picture of a black maine coon in snow

Below is our Blue Silver Boy, "CongoCoons Storm Surge" at four months old and almost 9 lbs!

He had a horrible accident and broke his bottom jaw in a number of places!
Thanks to the job of our wonderful vet, he is now back on solid foods and doing well!
We cannot thank Micki McClanahan enough for the excellent care she gave "Surge".
Through her careful efforts and professional care, he has healed remarkably.
He is such a gorgeous sweet boy, and we are thrilled that his life was saved!
Thankyou again Micki!

Pictured below on 8/25/11, one month after the accident, and three days after getting the wires removed from his jaw.
As you can see, he is back to his usual rowdy playful self!

Surge is not available, he is now one of our Supreme Studs! Check out his updated photos on the Stud Page!.

picture of a blue silver maine coon kitten who broke his jaw

photograph of the cabin where you pick your maine coon kitten up

Potential Cat Parents are welcome to come to our residence or,
we can meet an hour or so away, usually at a Cracker Barrel Restaurant.

photograph of  the owner of congocoon maine coon cattery
Who are you talking to when you call?
A face to the name, above Mitzi and toy poodle "Pie" aka "kitten herder" - fall of 2010


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